Eberhart Updates

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From time to time, we like to send out interesting updates (and discounts!) to our subscribers. Here are some that have been mailed out, in case you missed them and would like to catch up. Please reach out if you have any comments.


March 2019:

Meet our EberFriend - @norzshvartz has become our dear friend in front of and behind the camera. This beauty got it all covered - sophistication, fun, athleticism and organization! Subscribe to our and her social media for cool styling ideas and product features and keep a lookout for her throughout our site! Thank you, Nora, and welcome to the family!


Did you know? - that works of art can be made into suitcase covers, such as this one? There are no limits to what can inspire a design that can eventually be carried over and incorporated into luggage, bags and travel accessories.


Beauty can come through in so many forms and Eberhart wants to bring at least a touch of that to our customers through bags and travel goods.